Trung Tâm báo cháy HoringLih 4 Zone


Model range from 1 to 32 zones.

AC power supply has EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).

Each zone has a separate disable function.

Double sets of sounder contacts.

Automatic telephone dialer feature.

Long-term or temporary silencing feature.

Protection against voltage spikes up to 2.5KV.

Microprocessor-base design.

Sounder short circuit or disconnection detection.

Fire Alarm NO, NC, COM and Fault NO, NC, COM output contact points.

Fire Relay Output contacts and Fault Relay Output contacts.

Switch membrane provides longer service and is waterproof, dust resistant and easy to clean.




32 zones

8 zones

4 zones





Power Source

220V AC/50Hz *Others also available

Battery Capacity

24V / 12Ah

24V / 7Ah

24V / 4Ah

Max. Output Current

2A @24V DC

# of heat detector connected

No limit *Except electronic-type

# of smoke detector connected

30/zone *Horing Lih manufactured

Max. No. of Bells @25mA

40 per sounder circuit

End of Line Resistor

4.7kΩ *One per zone


1.2mm steel plate


Pearl gray *Others also available

Dimensions (mm) H x W x D

550 x 400 x 150

370 x 340 x 135

320 x 250 x 100

Optional Features

LCD display (2x20) with simple function keypad


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