Trung tâm báo cháy địa chỉ 02 loop


Each loop can connect up to 250 addressable devices. Maximum networking are 32 loops and total addressable points are 8000.

Large LCD screen (40 x 15 lines) allows more events to be displayed on the same screen.

Loop device can be set up to be temporarily isolated.

Individual loop module test feature to save time on panel test.

On-board Self-test feature for simulating alarm output.

Easy system programming through PC to panel.

Events log can store up to 2030 events.

Specification optional thermal printer that can printout complete panel status.







220V AC 50/60Hz *Others also available

Battery Capacity

24V DC 4Ah

Charging Voltage, Current

26V DC 100~1000mA *With auto adjustment function

Zone Voltage, Current

26.5V DC 340mA

System Capacity

250 devices/1 loop *Expandable for site requirement

Exterior Resistance

Round-trip under 40Ω

Transmitting Method

Digital series transmitting

Accumulation Time

0~40 seconds *Other options available

Main Sound

85dB @1M


1.6mm steel plate


Pearl gray

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